Thought I set up a blog. I gotta talk about You Tube. I knew about You Tube from the beginning but didn't bother to create an account until summer 2007. Anyway. I'm pretty sure people like me are the reason why ISPs want data caps. I loved You Tube. Loved. Back between 2007-2008, the platform peaked with user-generated content. We had gatherings, people made the best jokes and the most beautiful cover songs.

Don't get me wrong, they still do. But all the user content gets swallowed by the "sponsors". Companies like the music labels (VEVO) and news channel are trying to destroy the platform, bombarding us with ads. Back in the day, the comedy section was on the front page, know you'll have to go through more hassle to find some funny clips. On top of that, some You Tube members sold out to make ads for retailers and travel agencies.

You don't know what I'm talking about? Watch this:
Natalie Tran aka Communitychannel back in 2007. Original and cute.
Same (now) woman in late 2010. She's funny, but promoting LonelyPlanet. That's an example where I don't mind. But there are also videos where it's everywhere!

There's only one solution to all this: AdBlock Plus. Proud user since 2008. :)


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